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How to Use a Sandwich Maker in the Right Way

A sandwich maker or toaster can be regarded as a micro version of the electric grill iron and continuous innovations over time have made it a much sought-after kitchen appliance for its versatility and ease of use. Using a sandwich maker is a sure way to create perfectly grilled sandwiches that are crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. A sandwich toaster , if properly used, can help you master preparing a variety of sandwiches as well as a host of other creative recipes including mini pizzas, quesadilla, panini and others. Unarguably, it has the potential to turn even an ordinary sandwich into a gourmet delight but that requires figuring out how the machine works best and determining the right settings for a satisfying experience. In this blog, we will share the fundamentals of operating sandwich toasters  and tips to help you make the most of them  and keep the appliance functioning smoothly for the long-term. 


Important points to keep in mind while using a Sandwich Maker

  1. To set the toaster into action , begin by  plugging the sandwich maker wire into the electrical main and keep it closed until it sufficiently heats up. Most models feature an indicator light to let you know  when it’s ready for the next step. 

  2. Apply butter on both sides of the bread slices or you can dab  the upper and lower plates of the toaster with oil . Place the bread slices or a sandwich with your desired filling on the bottom plate and then close the lid gently so that the sandwich is not squashed.
  3. If your maker has preset options for different types of sandwiches  , then close the toaster or otherwise you can manually adjust the temperature settings to your liking to achieve the desired level of toastiness. 

  4. Make sure the sandwich is placed on the toaster in a manner that you can easily close the lid and latch it. Otherwise, cut out the edges of the sandwich if necessary so that it fits into the machine. 

  5.  Once the indicator light blinks, take out the sandwich using a wooden or silicone spatula and then disconnect the appliance from the main switch. 

  6. Leave it open for  a while to let it cool, after which wipe the upper and lower plates with a damp cloth to get rid of any remnant or food particles. 

Maintenance and Cleaning tips 

Just like any other electrical appliance, a sandwich maker demands due attention and care to ensure it is primed for durable use. To start off, make sure the device is unplugged  before you venture out to clean it. A mild soap solution and a clean cloth is all you need for this purpose. Keep away the maker from immersing in  water as this may affect its inner working and avoid use of any abrasives or sharp objects as this may damage its  inner coating. Finally, the sandwich should not be overly filled as the contents may spill out during the cooking process. 


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