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Delicious Air Fryer Recipes for People who like to Eat Healthily

Although Corona has affected us negatively in all aspects of life, it has taught us one thing, which is the importance of health. If you follow a healthy lifestyle regime & eat natural foods, you will not be left vulnerable in the face of any disease. Our Pakistani cuisine, which involves traditional and everyday dishes, uses a lot of oil & fat. Therefore, it becomes quite a challenge to make meals healthier. But it needs to be done so that we can remain healthy, fit & disease-free. These are the most common health concerns of every Pakistani in this day & time. Therefore, today we will like to teach you some air fryer recipes. These are everyday recipes cooked in a healthier & less oil-intensive manner.

To cook meals healthily, you need a kitchen appliance that allows for low oil-intensive cooking.  Let us introduce the Air Fryer. Many of you might be knowing about this trendy countertop kitchen appliance. But for those who are not aware of it, let us tell you a bit about air fryers.

These appliances are a real innovation. They use rapid hot air technology to cook food. It means you can grill, roast, fry & even bake using little to no oil at all in them. Check out our blog on the most important do’s & don’ts of cooking food in the air fryer to make sure that you don’t mess up. Let’s move forward with all the delicious Air fryer recipes that you can cook right away.

1- Snack Recipes

Every day moms have to rack their brains to make tasty & quick snacks for their children. French fries, nuggets, fried chicken, burgers; are the usual snack options.

We can bet that you are not aware that deep-fried foods affect children adversely too? Although, they have a fast metabolism that helps them digest anything far quicker than adults. But, unhealthy & junk food causes mood swings, loss of concentration & even obesity in children.

Sounds scary, right? But don’t worry! We have just the right solution for you. You can make healthy & delicious snacks for your children using Westpoint Air Fryer.

For example, you only need a teaspoon of oil to make the most delicious & crispy French fries in the air fryer. Don’t believe us. Try & be ready to get amazed. Wash potatoes, cut them into fries & put them into the air fryer. Apply a teaspoon of oil in the air fryer basket before you put the fries into it. Set the timer. Don’t forget to toss them once after few minutes to make sure that all the fries cook evenly

PS: Fries cooked in Air Fryers can become your guilty pleasure too!

Everybody loves doughnuts, though we can all argue about what kind of glazing is the best & tastiest. But like all other good things, they too are deep-fried. What if you could air fry doughnuts too? You absolutely can cook them in the air fryer and make sure that their fat content is no longer troubling and enjoy this sugary delight with your kids any time.

2- Starters

How many of us think about pakoras; the minute we hear the pitter-patter of rain? I think it is safe to assume that almost all of us. If you’re not a pakora fan, then you’re probably a samosa lover.

It doesn’t matter what kind of starter you like. What matters is the guilt; that you feel when you indulge in these deep-fried food items. What if we told you that you could enjoy your favorite starters without feeling guilty?

Yes! With Westpoint Air fryer in your kitchen, you can make pakoras, samosas, drumsticks, fried prawns, bread rolls, all in literally 1-2 teaspoons of oil. Check out these quick & easy recipes for crispy drumsticks & fried prawns made with the Air fryer. Try them out & let us know how they turn out.

3- Main Dishes

Although the air fryer seems like a compact countertop appliance, you can make quite a few main dishes too. If you like thin crust pizza, then you can bake the most delicious pizza with your favorite toppings in the air fryer.

We Pakistanis have transformed Chinese foods to suit our palette and taste buds. Pakistani Chinese recipes tend to employ a lot of oil & fat as compared to their original versions. But now you can enjoy these recipes & make them using very little to almost no oil. All thanks to our air fryer. You no longer need to deep fry your chicken Manchurian pieces. Air fry them and enjoy the same crusty texture & golden color that you get while deep frying them.


Do you love to make kebabs? But avoid making them because most of the time, they feel greasy after frying. Fret no more! Enjoy your favorite kebabs by air frying them with just a teaspoon of oil.

There are so many everyday recipes that you can make healthily just by replacing deep frying with air frying. Therefore, get your hands on an air fryer & enjoy all your favorite foods without feeling guilty or compromising on your health. Don’t forget to clean your air fryer after every use or give it a deep clean every few days.