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Air Fryers vs Oven: The Best Choice for your Kitchen

Are you skeptical of getting an air fryer for your kitchen because you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment? Or you feel that the air fryer is just a trend that will slowly lose its charm over the next couple of months. Let us tell you that the air fryer is here to stay and, it is not just a fad but an essential kitchen appliance having genuine benefits. Now, many people feel that the oven & the air fryer work similarly. That is not true entirely. Therefore, today we will be comparing airfryers vs ovens & help you make the best choice for your kitchen.

PS: We solemnly swear to speak the truth & nothing but the truth!

How is air frying different from baking in an oven?

First, understand the difference between air frying & baking. Conventional ovens, whether counter top or inserted into the wall, produce heat from an element (either gas or electric). The heat is dispersed by a fan. 

On the other hand, air fryers use rapid air technology to create heat instead of an element. It means that air fryers heat up much more quickly than an oven. Also, the small size of the air fryer helps to circulate the heat more evenly. Thus your food gets a crisp golden hue throughout.

Which type of cooking is healthier?


Air frying is definitely a tad bit healthier because it requires very little to almost no oil while cooking. But for baking, you need to grease the pan or cooking vessel to ensure that food doesn’t get burned. Not only this but, while roasting & grilling meat & chicken in conventional ovens, you need to brush them thoroughly with oil.

Based on the usage of oil or grease, air fryers definitely take a win in being more healthy.

Which appliance is more multi-functional?

We all know that ovens are pretty multi-functional & allow you to roast, bake & grill easily. But they do not allow you to fry foods. Here is where the air fryer scores an extra point. Air fryer technology enables you to fry foods using little to almost no oil. You will get the same crispy, golden texture you get with deep frying. But the food will be healthy and low on fats. It means you don’t have to compromise on taste or your health. Not only this, but you can also roast meat & chicken and grill vegetables & fish in it. And as far as baking goes, now air fryer ovens are available which help you do it all. Fry, roast, bake, grill & toast! You can check out the unboxing video of our air fryer oven to get a sneak peek at this new product.

We also have a list of recipes that you can try in your air fryer & enjoy with your family. You will be surprised to see all the delicious foods you can cook healthily, with your small & convenient air fryer. Don’t forget to check out our blog listing all the important tips for cooking food in the air fryer to make sure you don’t mess up.

Which appliance is more convenient?

Convenience is an essential factor to take into consideration; whenever you’re investing in a kitchen appliance

Ovens tend to be larger in capacity and, therefore, allow you to cook large meals in one go. But they also need more space, which might be a problem for small kitchens.

On the other hand, you might need to cook food in batches in an air fryer if you’re hosting a big dinner. But since they are more compact & small in size, they can easily be placed on countertops & don’t eat up too much space. Plus, for small nuclear families, air fryers are perfect.


Besides this, ovens require more effort to clean because they have more accessories & are bigger in size.

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!


As much as we would like to act upon the saying above, we cannot quit cooking food or entering the kitchen just because of the heat. But we can definitely try to keep the temperature bearable. The problem with ovens is that not only, they take time to heat up but, they also make the kitchen pretty hot. 

On the other hand, air fryers heat up pretty quickly & you don’t need to preheat them. Also, they don’t release heat into the environment because of their technology. Thus, having an air fryer will not make your kitchen warm & toasty. 

Bottom Line:

We have presented all the pros & cons of each appliance for you to consider. Go through them & decide which kitchen appliance do you side with in the airfryers vs ovens war. Let us know in the comments of your own experience. Till then, stay safe & happy cooking!