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Halogen Heater WF-5308

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Best Room Heaters

  • Ultra Slim Pedestal Design
  • Adjustable Thermostat to Control Heating Requirement
  • High Quality Base for Good Grip
  • SunBeam Radiant Heating Element
  • Cool-Touch Housing 
  • Widespread oscillation for full room coverage 
  • Easy to Use and Convenient to Have Around 
  • 1200 Watts | 220V ~ 240V - 50Hz


Halogen Heaters in Pakistan

Halogen heaters transform any space into a slumbering oasis of warmth with the flip of an electronic switch. If you require instant warmth, there is a solution. Modern Westpoint best room heaters have heating tubes integrated with the composite moulded cool-touch casing and attached to a sophisticated moving safety base that can fill your home with warmth in moments.

The perfect choice to keep your home warm during the winter months, This 1200W  halogen heater comes with an easy-to-use oscillating feature ideal for heating all rooms evenly. Halogen heaters are effective as well as versatile and compact, suitable for occasional use in cold winter months in times when you need an additional energy boost to get you through. Buy online room heaters in Pakistan from Westpoint online store. 

Westpoint best room heaters emit the heat directly, which is why the electric room heaters are efficient and cost effective to operate. They're also light and transportable. These electric room heaters replace the standard quartz heating tube by using new Halogen tube heaters. Halogen tubes are not only an ideal source of light but they also excel at radiating warmth to heat the space. They are also fast to warm up and require minimal energy, making them economical and energy-efficient home options.

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