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Rice Cooker WF-5350

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Inexpensive Automatic Rice Cooker Price in Pakistan

  • 2.2 Liter Stainless Steel Rice Cooker with Keep Warm Function
  • Healthy Steam Cooking
  • Non-Stick Coated Pot
  • Removable Bowl for Easy Cleaning
  • Safety Locking Lid
  • Adjustable Thermostat Control
  • Power-On Indicator
  • Cool Touch Walls
  • Safety Rise and Fall Basket
  • 900 Watts | 220 - 240V - 50Hz


Versatile Best Small Rice Cooker

This kitchen appliance rice cooker comes with a thermostat to detect when the rice has been cooked. The thermostat can see temperature changes inside the best small rice cooker and immediately shuts the heating element off once the inside of the pot is at the boiling point—cost-effective automatic rice cooker price in Pakistan. 

In addition to cooking rice plain and cooking leftovers, you can cook various meals with this multi-purpose and best rice cooker in Pakistan. They are suitable for cooking, boiling, and lightly stirring-frying certain food items. Pakistanis are fond of eating rice, and biryani is one of Pakistan's most famous rice dishes. With the modern best small rice cookers of Westpoint, you can cook poultry biryani, pulao, or khichri by mixing in masalas, rice and oil, and other ingredients. The final result will be delicious chicken biryani that has been steam cooked with lots of flavors and an intense smell.

The versatile home appliance can prepare a variety of stews and soups made from fish, vegetables, chicken etc. Daal makhani can be made using a Westpoint rice cooker and lentil soups. Affordable Westpoint rice cooker price in Pakistan. The smart and easy way to cook rice with Westpoint automatic rice cooker. 

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