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Air Purifier WF-1101
Air Purifier WF-1101
Air Purifier WF-1101
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Air Purifier WF-1101

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Best Air Purifier in Pakistan

  • Filter update reminding on air purifier Pakistan
  • 4 air cleaning speeds: High, Middle, Low, Quiet
  • A Long-lasting, cleanable HEPA filter and active carbon filter remove up to 99% formaldehyde, benzene, and allergens like pollen, smoke, and dust.
  • Electronic filter check monitor
  • Easy front filter replacement design
  • Sleep mode design
  • 1-2-4-8 hours timer 
  • Auto shut-off protection when the front door opens
  • 36 Watts | 220 - 240V - 50/60Hz

Buy Online Air Purifier

With just one touch of a button, the air purifier eliminates invisible pollutants, allergens, and dirt particles within your home to keep it safe and secure. In addition, it cleans up quickly and effectively. It can cover rooms up to 180sq ft and circulates clean air throughout the room.

Westpoint Pakistan's best air purifier instantly prepares your room for relaxation and monitors the air quality in your room by circulating clean air as you sleep. The darker and shut-off lights, as well as the low stability, ensure that you and your family can sleep better because it's designed to sleep in. Additionally, it comes with 4 air cleansing speeds: high middle, low and quiet, as per your requirements.

Buy online air purifier on our Westpoint online shop because of its efficient design. The air purifier operates at a maximum of 36 W of power. This is the equivalent of an ordinary light bulb or less. Westpoint has the best air purifier in Pakistan that accurately calculates filter life depending on the pollution level and operating time. Moreover, it will notify you when your filter replacement is required for ease of maintenance. With all the features, Westpoint offers a low-cost air purifier price in Pakistan.

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