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Westpoint Handy Garment Steamer, Handy Garment Steamer, Handy Steamer For Clothes, Handy Portable Steamer
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Garment Steamer WF-1155

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Say No to Wrinkles with 1600 Watts Handy Steamer for Clothes

  • Water Tank Capacity: 3 Liter
  • Four gears for various textiles
  • Coagulation proof hook design for brush
  • Extendable aluminum hook
  • Wire hidden structure
  • Water wash valve
  • Automatic water supply leakage proof valve
  • Anti-Slip wheels
  • Easy Detachable Body Parts
  • 1600 Watts | 220 - 240V ~ 50Hz


Best Handy Portable Steamer

A handy garment steamer for clothes is among the most efficient methods of removing wrinkles. Through a nozzle, steam is sprayed onto the fabric. The fabric's fiber is loosened, and wrinkles are removed. Westpoint handy garment steamers are extensively utilized in Pakistan. The style of this handy portable steamer is attractive physically and attractive too. The hanger is adjustable appropriately and has a water capacity of 3 liters. 

This is among the best handy steamer for clothes that can handle heavy-duty materials. The steam within approximate 1600 Watts is offered. This is where deep penetration occurs, and the clothing fibers are relaxed. The higher temperature allows you to iron dress quickly, appearing fresh. The handy garment steamer is available for purchase at a reasonable cost at Westpoint online store. 

The handy portable steamer makes the entire steaming process much simpler and faster. It can heat up quickly. It comes with a tank of 3 liters. The handy portable steamer is offered at an affordable cost. It comes with safety features that are integrated. They help in pressing clothes. Steaming can save lots of time. Wear and tear are decreased, and the fabric's security is assured.

Weight: 4.7 kg

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