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Ceramic Cooker, Westpoint Ceramic Cooker, Electric Ceramic Cooker, Infrared Ceramic Cooker
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Ceramic Cooker WF-142

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Westpoint Ceramic Cooker

  • Infrared Ceramic Cooker
  • Fast heating
  • Auto shut-off timer
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Child lock safety feature
  • Works for any heat resistant cookware
  • Compatible Cookware: Stainless Steel - Enameled Steel - Enameled Iron Cast Iron - Aluminum - Glass - Copper - Ceramic
  • 2000 Watts 220 - 240V - 50/60Hz


Electric Ceramic Cooker

Ideal for houses where built-in installations are not the preferred option. Electric ceramic cookers can do cooking and plug-and-cook easy, flexible, and moveable. The power of the cooker is comparable to gas cookers. The remarkable cooling performance makes the Westpoint ceramic cooker cooktop suitable for freestanding and built-in installations. 

The Westpoint ceramic cooker is compatible with all kinds of cookware and pans regardless of material. Choose different cookware types depending on the dish you're cooking to maximize the final result! The use of flameless cookware reduces the danger of fire-related burns and burns. Electricity is shut off once the liquid within the pot has evaporated. Gas leakage-related pollution and exhaust gas can also be eliminated, making home cooking healthy and green.

Heating the base of the cookware evenly, the electric ceramic cooker transfers heat instantly into the food. Cooking quickly keeps food fresh and healthy. This also decreases the usage of oil, which makes the food healthier. Because the infrared ceramic cooker produces only a tiny amount of fumes when cooking, your kitchen walls will not collect grease. It is constructed of resistant, durable, heat-resistant material. 

The infrared ceramic cooker cannot disperse heat like traditional gas cookers and instead has the heat directly affecting the cookware. Since the kitchen temperature is not increased during cooking, the kitchen environment is much more comfortable. The control panel's electronic technology guarantees power accuracy and time setting. The simple power control lets you cook any asian or western dish without difficulty.

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