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Tips on using the Iron Steamer correctly & getting the most out of it!

Iron Steamers are the perfect tool for removing wrinkles from fabrics. But using the iron steamer correctly is what is crucial in getting the most out of it.

Although garment steamers are bulkier than their traditional counterparts, they still are a better option when compared to conventional irons for several reasons. They take up less space & are therefore easier to store. They will not burn any fabrics because they don’t require surface-to-surface contact for removing wrinkles. You can remove crease and also steam & sort of deodorize fabrics & clothing using your iron steamers. Apart from this, you can use them on different materials, including soft & delicate ones like chiffon & georgette & even thick & sturdy materials like jeans & cotton.

You must understand the mechanics of any appliance that you own so you can use it to its full potential. Therefore, if are planning to buy a garment steamer or already own one, we will teach you how to use it to make your wrinkled clothes crisp & fresh in no time!

1-Learn about the different parts of a Garment Steamer

A garment steamer doesn’t have a complicated structure. It is easy to understand & operate. The key components of each garment steamer are same, as highlighted briefly below:

  • Water Tank: Vertical & handheld garments steamers come with a water tank of varying capacities. You can choose as per your needs & household size. Westpoint offers iron steamers with a 2-3.5-liter water tank capacity, which can take care of a bulk load of clothes for you.
  • Steam Nozzle: The crucial part of the garment steamer; that directs the steam to the fabric with pressure & removes the wrinkles is the steam nozzle.
  • Temperature Dial: Every garment steamer comes with different temperature settings. Westpoint Garment Steamers come with six power settings that allow you to remove wrinkles from a variety of garments, including your undergarments, organza dupattas & sarees, embroidered kurtas & even your jeans.
  • Hose Pipe: Vertical steamers often have a hosepipe that connects the water tank to the steam nozzle & serves as a passageway for the steam.

2-Accessories make everything better!

We are not referring to the accessories that you own. But the accessories that you get along with the garment steamer. They are there for a purpose. I can assure you & not meant for decorative purposes 😋.

Use the brush to remove lint from clothing & dust off the upholstery before you proceed with steaming them. Westpoint’s iron steamers come with heat protection gloves too. Please use them as they will prevent your hands from burning with the hot steam.

3-Keep the hose Straight!

If you have an upright steamer, always make sure that the hose is straight. It doesn’t have any kinks or convulsions as it will interrupt the flow of steam.

4-Save your back & knees from extra work!

Vertical garment steamers come with an adjustable pole. It means that you can adjust the height of the hanger at your convenience. Please make sure that it is at a suitable level, and you don’t have to bend too much. If you’re using the handheld garment steamer, hang your clothes in a position that doesn’t require you to bow too much.

5- Run the garment steamer for 30 seconds

When you turn on the garment steamer, let it run for at least 30 seconds to make sure that the machine is ready. It will clear out any remaining water from the previous usage and remove any build-up that may have accumulated.

6-Slow & steady is the way to go!

When using the iron steamer, keep the head of the steamer angled. And you use small, slow & steady strokes to remove the creases. You can begin from top & move to bottom or do vice versa. But the technique should remain the same.

This technique will allow the steam to distribute evenly. And also reduce the probability of water accumulation, which leads to dampness.

7-Do more than just removing wrinkles!

Garment steamers not only help to remove wrinkles & creases. But can also be used to steam-clean & deodorize objects. The heat of the steam that the garment steamer generates can de-germ cushions, curtains, carpets, sofas & even car seats. In this current situation of the corona, where we all are striving to sanitize ourselves & our surroundings, the iron steamer will prove to be an asset.

8-Allow resting time for the garment!


You may not be aware of this, but we recommend hanging the garment for some time after you’ve steamed them. We suggest you don’t wear the clothes immediately. The reason for this is that the zippers & buttons will be hot. Plus garment may be slightly damp from all the steam it has just experienced. Letting the garment rest for some time will allow it to cool off & dry up.

Well, the above tips will help you in using your iron steamer correctly. And get the most out of your investment in this handy household appliance.