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Prepare your home for Ramzan with Westpoint!

Every year Muslims around the world prepare for the holy month of Ramzan in Shaban. But this year, due to the ongoing lockdown and Coronavirus situation, things haven’t been the same. Therefore, if you are still behind in your preparations, don’t worry. We will help you sort this out and prepare your home for Ramzan with Westpoint.

1- Tidy Room, Tidy Mind:


First & foremost is thoroughly cleaning your homes. A clean & organized home is peaceful and conducive for praying. The best way to go about it is to do it one room at a time. It will allow you to focus on one particular area and not be overwhelmed. Follow the steps given below:

a) Organizing & Decluttering:

We suggest you begin with decluttering and organizing things before moving on to the actual cleaning part. Don’t procrastinate on this or, it will come back to haunt you during Ramzan when your energy levels are at an all-time low. Think of this task as a pre-eid decluttering session.

You want to get new stuff for Eid, right! 😉 We hope that has motivated you enough to get started and going.

Identify and separate things that are no longer being used to give away. A pro-tip is to pack them simultaneously in either boxes or shoppers as per your convenience.

As they say, an organized home has a place for everything and, everything is in its place.

Therefore, the next task is to arrange your things in cupboards. Make sure that you organize things; for children in a manner that they are accessible to them.

PS:  So that they don’t bother you for their favorite kurta when you’re in a half-zombie state.

b) Thorough Cleaning:

After decluttering and organizing, the next step is to tackle the areas which require deep cleaning. For instance, ceilings, fans, top storage areas, etc. Westpoint offers a range of vacuum cleaners that make cleaning large areas and tiny crevices; a piece of cake. Our Magic Broom is a real gem as it can do sweeping as well as mopping. You can choose a machine as per your liking and budget and get done with your cleaning task in no time.

Don’t forget to check your bathrooms. You will find scruff marks, soap scum on the mirror and; faucets. Use WD-40 and a cleaning cloth to tackle all of this quickly and swiftly.

c) Bedcovers, curtains & upholstery:

After a thorough cleaning session, change the bedsheets, curtains, sofa covers, etc. Don’t store the dirty laundry. Get it done with before Ramzan. Use our washing machines to tackle your laundry load in no time.

If you have recently washed the curtains, then freshen them using the garment steamer. Add few drops of your favorite essential oil to the water tank. Steam your curtains and furniture upholstery. Everything will smell fresh and pleasant.

2-Stock up on grocery

Stock essential grocery items before Ramzan. Make sure that they are non-perishable. Apart from necessary grocery items including, oil, sugar, rice, tea, custard, jelly, vermicelli, etc., dates are an item that you shouldn’t forget.

Suhoor & iftaar table feel incomplete without drinks, fruit juices, and flavored milk. Therefore, include them on your shopping list. We recommend making fresh fruit juices; if you can. They are the best source of hydration after a long day of fasting. You can even cut/dice fruits and freeze them in portions. Enjoy homemade slushy drinks by blending them right before iftaar, using our powerful 1000-watt blenders with ice-crushing abilities.

In case you missed out on any item, you can order online. Several businesses offer online grocery shopping and deliver the goods to your doorstep within a day. So, don’t fret!

3- Food Prep:

If you want to save yourself from slaving away in the kitchen; during the hot & long fasting days, make a meal plan and prep some food items beforehand.

On a lighter note,


The 1st step is to make a weekly menu that includes everybody’s favorite dish at least once. Or else get ready for sibling rivalry and favoritism battles.

After menu planning, identify food items that you can prep in advance. Take, for example, samosas, chicken rolls, bread rolls, croquet, nuggets, sandwich spread, and even parathas. These items will need to be fried or baked as per your liking. Boil chickpeas and portion them out for chana chaats. Do you have a food processor? Then don’t forget to check out our blog. It shows some cool ways of using the processor for meal prep.

Some households prefer having fresh rotis and chapatis. If you’re dreading suhoor just because of this, then don’t. Westpoint offers a smart roti maker which will help you make perfect rotis in a flash.

4-When the going gets tough, the tough go online shopping:

Since the 3rd wave of Corona is here, we strongly recommend shopping online.

There are tons of options available online, no matter what the occasion. Protect yourself and your family by making the right choice i.e. staying home and shopping online. Kids clothes, traditional wear, accessories, everything is available in different styles and budget range. Check out the reviews before ordering.

5-Ramzan Prayer Goals:

It is probably the most important yet neglected task. Like for everything else, we set goals to make ourselves productive. We should make prayer goals too. Sit with your children and educate them about the importance of prayers and Ramzan.

Make a small prayer area for children to motivate them. Plan your time wisely so that you don’t compromise your prayer routine.

Well, you follow all of this and, you are ready to welcome Ramzan with open arms. Stay safe and, remember us in your prayers. This holy month is a gift from God. Let us all welcome, embrace and make the best use of it.