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How to Use a Meat Grinder: Assembly, Tips, and More with Your Chopper Machine

In the culinary realm , having the right tools at your disposal can make your work more efficient and effective. A meat grinder is a vital kitchen appliance for achieving the right consistency of meat whether coarse or fine. Before you set out to use a meat grinder, you would do well to familiarize yourself with its basic construction and internal parts .Learning how to use a chopper machine can enable you to make the most of this powerful appliance and prepare meat delights of your choice.


Basically , all grinders consist of the following parts ; a pusher and hopper which are the outlet through which you insert cubes of  meat to pass down the feed tube. A screw , a cross-shaped blade with sharp edges and a flat piece of metal with holes or the plate against which the blade rotates.  Consult the reference manual  provided  by the manufacturer to get an idea about how the machine works and how it is to be  put together . For most models, the preliminary step is to attach the  grinder body consisting of the auger, grinding plate and blade to a stable surface to gear it up for operation.  

Use the coarse plate if you wish to grind raw or cooked meat into relatively large lumps as well as dried fruits , cheese or any rough vegetables. The fine plate is designed to grind the meat into finer particles for preparing sausages or kebabs and even for breadcrumbs.

Preparing your meat 

The quality of the ground meat depends to a great extent on whether it is fit  for grinding. Opt for high -quality meat cuts with the right proportion of fatty and lean portions for the best flavor and texture. Get rid of any excess fat or bones as they  can cling  to the blade and cut the meat into small portions for smoother grinding.  Meat kept at room temperature is rather soft and lumpy so it is advisable to chill it for at least 30 min to ensure the meat pieces are firm and dry. A pro tip . When preparing sausages or koftas, add a little salt to your meat before grinding as it helps to bind the meat together for a soft, sausage-like texture. For burgers,  a small amount of salt should be added after the meat has been grounded, just before preparing patties for your burgers. 

The grinding process 

To get started with grinding, place a bowl or tray below the grinder chute to hold the meat as it is dispatched. Then turn on the grinder and push the meat pieces down the chute with the help of the pusher so that it reaches the blades underneath. Take care not to load the grinder all at once as this can exert extra pressure on the motor and interfere with it's performance. Keep filling it with moderate quantities to ensure the meat is processed efficiently and consistently. 

Tips for optimal results 

Both the meat and the grinder components should be at a lower temperature to prevent overheating . Warm meat is also more likely to smear and can result in a papier- mâché or a pulpy and dry texture. This also helps to preserve the texture and flavor of the ground meat. Place the grinder components in the freezer along with the meat for at least an hour so it is sufficiently chilled up to retain the flavor and texture of the meat 

It's common for a little  meat to dry and remain  stuck to the grinder which can be unhygienic. Therefore , Give proper attention to maintenance to keep your grinder up and running for longer.  A word of caution : the plate is often made of die-cast material even in the case of stainless steel models that are prone to tarnish in a dishwasher.  It is preferable to disassemble the grinder after every use and wash the components with hot soapy water and dry them up thoroughly with a clean towel  to prevent build up of rust. 

Technically , the meat comes out through the holes in the grinder in the form of discrete , little pieces. However , if the meat appears as if the meat and fat are enmeshed, then go for the reverse function to fix the issue. Alternately, disassemble the machine to clean your blade and restart the whole process.

The blade is the core of any grinder and deserves due care if you wish to avoid smearing your meat.  With repetitive use, the blade gets sharper as the contact between it and the grinding plate becomes frictionless. Get your blades sharpened once in an year for a moderately used grinder or keep one or two substitute blades in case of frequent usage. 

In a nutshell , a chopper machine is your best bet for grinding  all kinds of meat on your own as per your preference. By paying heed to the above guidelines and following the tips , you are set to set to have a well-cared for grinder that grinds meat to perfection for years to come.West point offers a premium range of meat grinders at affordable rates to assist you with meat grinding tasks in the kitchen with fast and optimum results.