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How to make Quick & Easy yet Delicious & Tasty Meals in a Microwave?

The microwave can be found in almost all Pakistani households and is used quite as often as the stove. Yet, we have limited using it to heating cooked food or defrosting frozen meat or foods. There is so much more that one can do using the microwave. Don’t let some myths surrounding microwaves stop you from using this convenient kitchen appliance. You can bake, steam & even grill (if your microwave offers this feature) food items using this humble appliance. Inshort, you can make some quick & easy meals in a microwave.

Secondly, gas load shedding is quite common these days and may put you in a pinch if you have to feed a group of hungry people. Instead of reaching for your mobile to order from Foodpanda, whip up some quick & delicious meals in a microwave for your family. Furthermore, these recipes will lessen your time in the kitchen, especially during the blistering hot days of Ramzan. You won’t have to slave away for hours and, yet you will be able to bring a smile to everyone’s faces with these delicious meals.

 Enough said! Let’s get started.

1-     Pasta & Cheese

You can make a restaurant-style mac & cheese or Fettucine alfredo (depends on whom you’re making it for); using a microwave. The method is simple. Bowl the pasta of your choice in the microwave. Then assemble the ingredients in a microwave-safe dish for the final run. The best part about cooking in a microwave is that you can toss all the ingredients into one utensil and then see the magic happen.

Use the ingredients of your choice, like sauce, herbs, vegetables, chicken, cheese, etc. Mix everything with the boiled pasta and microwave it for a few minutes, depending on the settings available in your microwave. You can check out our recipe for mug macaroni given below.

2-     Brownies

As they say, feeling downie, eat a brownie!

Let’s admit that we Pakistanis have a sweet tooth, that is why we are sweet-natured too! 😇. We don’t need any occasion or reason to have our favorite desserts. Secondly, will you wait for some grand event or festival to get your hands on some fudgy, gooey brownies? No! We thought so too.

Therefore, we will show you how to make some delicious brownies in a microwave. No need to preheat the oven and take out all the baking essentials. Quickly whip up a brownie in a mug and enjoy with ice cream.

3-     Make it a meal!

Many microwaves come with a grilling feature. You can use it to grill chicken or fish. Apply a generous layer of marinade and oil on the meat of your choice. Grill it in the microwave. The microwave not only cooks the meat evenly. But, it also leaves a thin crust on the exterior for the perfect grilled taste.

Another crucial point to note is that microwaves preserve nutrients while grilling because of their quick & smart heating technology. Yes, they use radiation; but it isn’t the harmful sort that would cause damage.

To compliment your grilled chicken or fish, you can make some delicious sides of steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes in the microwave too.

No need for steamers! As you can steam your vegetables in a microwave dish with a cover quickly & without hassle. Plus, you are also able to retain their nutrient goodness.

Once you learn how to make mashed potatoes in a microwave, you will never again go back to making them in the oven. Clean the potatoes thoroughly with water & then dry them off using kitchen towels. Prick them with a fork and place them in a dish. After you microwave it for a few minutes, fluff it using a fork; and season it as per your liking. You can even boil diced potatoes in a microwave quickly. Put them in a microwave dish and covering them with plastic wrap. Make a small hole in the plastic covering to allow steam to escape. Microwave it for few minutes. Mash the potatoes with a masher & add all the ingredients like milk, cheese/butter, herbs, salt & pepper. Mix it & your delicious creamy mashed potatoes are ready to eat.

4-     Popcorn

Be it late-night food cravings or snacking during movie time, popcorns are everybody’s favorite snack options. Toss some packets of popcorn in the microwave & enjoy.

5-     Eggs three ways in a microwave

The best part about making eggs in a microwave is that you won’t have to use a lot of oil to cook the egg. It makes it an ideal way to eat eggs healthily.

To make sunny-side-up eggs, grease a flat microwave dish with oil or butter. Crack an egg on it and prick the yolk with a knife. Microwave on high for a minute. Voila! Your sunny-side-up egg is ready.

Scrambled eggs turn out light & fluffy when cooked in a microwave. Crack eggs in a mug, add some milk & seasoning, and beat them thoroughly. Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. Make sure to stir the ingredients after stopping the microwave every 30 seconds to ensure the eggs cook all the way through. You can get creative & add onions, tomatoes & chili to the egg mixture to make it more filling.

The real trick of the day is to boil eggs in a microwave. You first need to microwave water in a bowl, then place the eggs in the water carefully. Make sure they are submerged. Don’t forget to prick the bottom of the eggs with a small needle. Cover the bowl with a plate. Microwave it for 4 minutes on medium heat. If you want soft-boiled eggs, then peel them off immediately after taking them out. But if you prefer hard-boiled, allow the eggs to sit in the water for 2-3 more minutes.

PS: Follow the instructions carefully; otherwise, it might lead to an eggplosion (eggs spraying everywhere)

6-     Pizza in a Mug

Have you ever met anyone that has said no to pizza? Well, we certainly haven’t! Therefore, we present a quick & easy recipe for a pizza in a mug.

Layer the ingredients of the dough at the bottom after giving them a good mix. Now pour in some pizza sauce and top it with whatever ingredients you have in your fridge. Get creative & use different toppings. Put in some shredded cheese at the top and microwave for few minutes. Your pizza in a mug is ready to be devoured.

Well, that’s it for today. We hope to have inspired you to cook with your microwave. It is truly a convenient & versatile appliance, once given a chance. Let us know if you have prepared any meals in a microwave. Don’t forget to clean your microwave thoroughly every few days. Check out our Youtube channel for more recipes.