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How to identify the best oven toaster for your kitchen?

Oven toasters or benchtop ovens are multipurpose kitchen appliances that take less space & combine the function of a convection oven & a toaster beautifully. This appliance lets you not only toast your bread but bake an impromptu batch of cookies, roast an entire chicken and even grill your seekh kebab without blinking an eyelash. If you understand how useful & handy this compact & efficient appliance is, you must add them to your kitchen appliances. To aid your decision of choosing the best oven toaster for your kitchen, we would like to review some features and attributes that you must check before investing in them.

Who is Oven Toaster Ideal for?

Before we proceed, we would like to tell you that this appliance is ideal for certain people. If you fall within any of those groups, you need to get your hands on it asap.

1- Small Households

If you have a small family of 3-4 people, investing in a big, electric oven is not worth it. What you need is a small yet efficient convection oven that allows you to do small portions quickly. Oven toasters are the ideal choice for such small families.

2- If you have kids


Kids these days do not want to eat regular aloo gosht & daal chawal. Constantly coming up with meal ideas is a hassle. Our ovens will prove to be an asset for you. As, you will be able to whip up bread pizzas, burger patties, chocolate chip cookies & brownies in no time!

3- Love to entertain

If you’re used to having guests announced & unannounced, then you must acquire an oven toaster for your kitchen. You will be able to cook delicious & tasty meals quickly, the reason being that these ovens do not take hours to preheat before you can begin.


PS: Although corona has restricted people from dropping to people’s home often, I am sure there are a few still out there who think corona is a western conspiracy & continue their rendezvous😉

Well, these are some of those people that will truly benefit from owning an oven. If you happen to fall in any of the above groups, I suggest you start your quest to buy the best benchtop oven asap.

Features to look out for before buying the best oven toaster

Now, we move to the next part of our blog that sheds light on some of the things you should keep in mind before you purchase a benchtop oven

1- Price:

It is perhaps the only factor that we Pakistanis check out first & foremost. And it’s fair too. Because before buying any expensive commodity, one always sets a budget and wants to stick to it for better or worse.

WESTPOINT truly understands this pain point & therefore offers a range of oven toasters with different features & price range. It allows people to choose an oven which fits their needs & pocket perfectly making things easier & swifter for the customer.

2- Capacity:

Some people assume that since oven toasters are compact & occupy less space on the kitchen counter, they must be small. Yes, they are small but; they come in different sizes too. WESTPOINT offers oven toasters with smaller capacities like 10 & 18 liters to bigger ones having a capacity of almost 48 liters & even 63 liters. It means that you can cook large pizzas & even bake big cakes in this benchtop oven. Therefore, we suggest that before you finalize, take your requirements into account & check for the capacity that suits your needs the most.

3- Range of Functions:

The next feature that you want to explore is the range of functionality that your oven hosts. Some of the functions are toasting, baking, grilling & roasting. If your chosen model can perform all these, then it’s a winner. If not, you might need to begin your search again. Along with functionality, there are some other attributes that you should take into consideration.

  • Control Panels: Fuss-free & simple to use control panel makes the job much easier. Westpoint ovens come with knob dials in the control panel section. These dials can be rotated & adjusted as per the need without any hassle.
  • Audible alert: This feature might seem a little insignificant. But some ovens make a loud “ding” sound when the food is ready. It alerts the customer & allows them to carry out other tasks.

4- Accessories:

What good is an appliance without its accessories? Accessories empower you to use your kitchen appliance more efficiently. Oven toasters come with rotisserie wheels, rotisserie fork, grilling rack, baking tray, etc. In some cases, you might need to invest separately to buy them. But WESTPOINT offers all of these dedicated accessories along with your oven. So, you get value for money. Not only this, but they also include a lid holder & a rack tong to facilitate its customers.

5- Warranty:

A real pain point for users is to chase the customer service officers to get your warranty claim. Furthermore, very few brands offer a good warranty program. WESTPOINT believes in serving their customers after sales too. Therefore, they offer a two year Brand Warranty on all their products. Not only this, their service centers spread out across Pakistan allow customers to repair, claim & replace faulty products at ease.

We have provided you with sufficient information. It will help you in deciding which is the best oven toaster for your kitchen needs. If you happen to own one, do share your experience with us.