Westpoint’s Range of Garment Steamers

Westpoint Pakistan offers affordable yet high-quality garment steamers with an array of enhanced features & attributes that make it unique from its competitors. Check out these features that will help you choose the best garment steamer for your ironing needs.

Size & Weight:

Westpoint Pakistan offers different varieties of clothes steamer.  We have steamers available in various sizes, body designs, colors & weight.

Detachable Water Tank & Efficient Steam Time:

Our garment steamers come with large detachable water tanks. Their capacity ranges between 2 – 3.5 liters. The tank also has a large hole which makes refilling hassle-free. A 2-liter water tank yields at least 60 minutes of steam time. It means that you can tackle a truckload of clothes with our 3-liter water tank steamer😉.

Garment Hanger:

It comes with a garment hanger that allows you to clip different kinds of attires like trousers, shirts, dresses, skirts, etc. It ensures that you can iron at ease.

Adjustable Pole:

Our garment steamers come with adjustable poles. These enable you to align the iron steamer at different heights as per your need.

Extendable Aluminum Hook:

We have an extendable aluminum hook that allows easy maneuvering during the steaming of clothes.

Anti-slip Wheels:

The anti-slip wheels ensure that the iron steamer will stay in its position. You can focus your entire energy on ironing the clothes rather than adjusting the steamer every 10 seconds.

Concealed Wire Structure:

Westpoint Pakistan believes in bringing forth easy-to-use & safe electrical appliances. The concealed wire structure of our garment steamer makes it safe to use.

Power Consumption:

Our garment steamers are energy efficient when compared to other competitor brands’ products. Our handheld steamer requires less than 900 watts to function optimally.

Heat Settings:

Our garment steamers allow you to adjust the pressure and temperature of the steam. The four different gears & 6 types of power adjustment help you iron many kinds of fabric. For example, delicate fabrics like chiffon, georgette, tissue, silk, etc, require special care while ironing and can be ironed without having to break a sweat.


Westpoint offers a 2 Years Brand Warranty all across Pakistan. The process to claim, repair or return any faulty product is smooth and seamless via our after-sales service centers.


Our garment steamers are affordable and economical when compared to other branded competitor products. You can conduct a comparative analysis yourself to verify this. We believe in offering value for money to our customers. It has helped us make Westpoint a household name.

Concluding our thoughts, we hope to have familiarized you with the workings of a garment steamer. Not only this, but our little checklist will also facilitate you in choosing the best garment steamer for your home. If you want to learn how to get the most out of your garment steamer, you can check out our blog which lists some excellent tips on using this appliance in the correct manner.