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Don’t underestimate your Oven Toasters! Bake, Grill & Roast like a pro!

Oven toasters may appear small & insignificant when compared next to fire breathing, two-shelved ovens. But you cannot underestimate its capabilities & usage in the kitchen. Although the oven toaster is a single-shelf appliance, it performs all the tasks your regular oven can do. Don’t believe us! Read on as we fill you in about the hidden powers of your oven toasters.

1- Embrace the size:


As the saying goes,

Chota packet, bara dhamaka!

This saying aptly describes the oven toaster. Although oven toasters are smaller in size, their functionality and performance match their big brothers in many ways. We would say they are ideal for homes because they are smaller & smarter. You don’t have to empty your kitchen to make space for them. They can easily fit on countertops and, you can use them at ease.

2- Big Hearts:

Countertop ovens may be smaller in size but, their hearts are big. Yes, oven toasters are now available with large capacity like 45-liters. It means you can easily bake, roast & grill big meals in one go.

How cool is that!

3- Too hot to handle!

Another great feature of oven toasters is that they heat up pretty quickly. Not only this, but they come with a built-in fan that distributes the heat evenly and provides a convectional heating mechanism. Since oven toasters are modern kitchen appliances, they can maintain temperatures. It means that you don’t have to keep checking the temperature. As you would do when using gas ovens.

4- A toast to butter days!

Yes, as the name of the appliance suggests, you can toast bread in it too. It toasts better than pop-up bread toasters. What do you do when your family doesn’t want to have Aloo Gosht and even their favorite Bhindi ki sabzi? You can let your creativity run wild and put this appliance to good use. Try recipes of toasts with different toppings like garlic bread, cheese on toast, and even melted sandwiches. Bring out your inner Masterchef and experiment to your heart’s desire. 😉

5- Bake the world a better place!

If you’re an aspiring baker, then oven toasters are the ideal appliance to start baking. The simple reason is that they distribute the heat evenly and maintain temperatures nicely. It means no more undercooked or overcooked areas in your cakes, pizzas, or cupcakes. Just get the ingredients and start baking. A pro tip is to set the temperature 25 degrees lower than the temperature mentioned in the recipe. Since convectional ovens heat up faster than traditional ovens, you don’t want to end up with a burnt dish on your 1st try.

6- Fifty Shades of Roast Chicken

We Pakistanis love to have chargas and roast chickens. Especially now, when iftaar parties are happening left, right & center. Roast chicken & chargas are easy to make and elevate the menu to a great deal. The rotisserie function of oven toasters makes grilling the chicken a piece of cake.

7- We only smoke the good stuff!

What if we told you that you can enjoy the same mouthwatering BBQ taste that you get by sweating & toiling in front of a charcoal stove? And you don’t even have to lift a finger. Well, that might sound a bit exaggerated. As, you might need to do a bit of work for marinating your kebabs, tikkas, and botis and then mount them on skewers. But that’s about it!

Oil them and fix the skewers in the openings provided on the sides of oven toasters. Let the grilling begin. You will be surprised to find the same smoky BBQ flavor that you love so much.

Not only this, but if you’re planning to lose weight and are incorporating grilled protein into your menu, oven toasters are your best bet. You can grill fish, meat, and chicken easily and quickly.

8- Easy to clean & easy to access:

Another feature that often goes unnoticed about oven toasters is that they are pretty damn easy to clean. You don’t need elaborate cleaning chemicals and tools. We have a detailed blog which explains how to clean a bunch of essential kitchen appliances. Do check it out to know how to clean oven toasters without any hassle.

Appliances are supposed to make your work easier and, those which allow easy maneuvering is the best. Countertop oven toasters offer both easy access & ease of cleaning.

We hope to have convinced you that you don’t need to underestimate the oven toasters. They are convenient, versatile, and offer functionality & usage similar to their bigger counterparts. If you happen to own an oven toaster, share your experience with us.