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DIY Troubleshooting 101: Solve Common Issues of Food Choppers

If you happen to own Westpoint’s Kitchen Robot WF495 Food Chopper, you must be using it quite often. You can perform a multitude of tasks with this small & handy appliance. No matter which brand’s chopper you might own, some common issues pop up and ruin your prep time. Therefore, if you learn how to solve these common issues with your food choppers, you don’t need to ask for help or rack your brain to find a solution.

Check out some of the most common issues of food choppers & how you can resolve them quickly & easily.

Issue #1: Food Chopper Refuses to Start

Do you want to scream at the top of your lungs when you take out your new chopper from the box, and it simply refuses to start?

Well, we understand your pain & worry. It can’t be easy telling your husband that the new chopper you got from the Azadi Sale is not working.

But if you give the appliance benefit of the doubt and assume that it’s not a faulty piece of equipment, you can focus on making it work.

  • First & foremost, check the electrical connection. There may be a problem with the power supply. Plug in a different socket to identify if the problem lies in the plug or the socket.
  • After you’ve dealt with the above, check out the lid to see if it is locked in properly.
  • If the lid is locked accurately, check the other accessories in the chopper, like the blades. Check if they locked in their position correctly. The food chopper will not start if any part is not in its correct position. It is to keep you safe from accidents & injury.

If performing the above checks help you in bringing the chopper to life, voila! You can do your happy dance and make that garlic & ginger paste without any hassle. But God forbid, the machine doesn’t work; you need to take it to the manufacturer for a warranty claim.

Issue #2: Food Chopper Stopped Working Mid-function!

Does your heart get filled with dread when you’re mincing the Qeema, and your chopper stops mid-way?

We can understand your sentiments & feelings. That is why we are here to help you figure out what happened to your helping hand chopper.

Since the chopper stopped working midway, we can rule out issues with the power supply. Unless, of course, you’re experiencing load shedding. Better check that out; before you go all ninja on fixing your chopper.

Burnout in appliances occurs due to over-heating. To allow your machine to cool down, unplug it and give it a good resting time of about 15-20 minutes. Then do a quick check with your hands to see if the motor feels hot or cold after 20 minutes. Begin again, but don’t fret if the machine refuses to budge. You might need to allow it some more time to rest & cool down. Overheating is a general problem that Westpoint has resolved, by using copper coils inside the motors to prevent them from heating up during prolonged use.

Sometimes the motor is no problem. You need to open the lid and check if food particles are stuck in between the blades. It also causes the machine to stop working owing to the pressure build-up inside the compartment. Remove those extra bits and create breathing space for the blades.

Image credit: Emma Christensen

We always recommend cutting/dice the food into small portions before chopping/mincing. Not only this but try not to overcrowd the machine. Give some breathing space to the blades and see how they function optimally.

You will be surprised to see your chopper whirring again after you have performed these simple yet effective checks. Then pat yourself on the back.

PS: You won’t be needing to call your husband/dewar/brother at the top of your lungs; the next time the chopper stops working 😉

Issue #3: Chopper is Vibrating & Blaring like a crazy maniac

We all know the sounds made by our kitchen appliances. I can bet that we are so used to it that it feels almost like a symphony of different notes. Although, the other family members may not agree to this.

PS: Westpoint offers choppers with silent running motors.

But sometimes, your food chopper begins to make weird noises. Then it begins to vibrate; like it is being strangulated by some evil hidden force. It causes you to quickly switch it off and start saying silent prayers as if you will need to put your chopper to rest.

We can assure you that there is no need to be so dramatic. It is likely happening for a couple of reasons, all of which can be explored & resolved.

Check the blades to see if they are attached accurately. If they are not secured; they will begin to wobble inside the compartment and lead to weird noises.

Apart from this, always see that the appliance is set on a flat, even surface. If your chopper doesn’t have an anti-skid design, place a towel or cloth under the machine to prevent it from moving too much during chopping.

Last but not least, do not go overboard with filling the chopper bowl to the brim. A breathing room is crucial for the machine to work optimally.

These are some of the common issues of food choppers that occur if you use it religiously. We hope that you can tackle them without needing help from anyone. If the problem persists, feel free to reach out to your brand’s after-sales service centers and get the right help! Also check out our blog on how to clean choppers thoroughly. If you treat them with care, they will serve you for many years.