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Crack the Code to Perfect Eggs: A Guide to Choosing the Right Egg Boiler Machine

The egg is hands down the best loved of all breakfast items and a perfect start to healthy mornings. This seemingly ordinary egg is packed with essential nutrients and makes for an appetizing meal. Boiling eggs is fairly straightforward but cooking the perfect hard or boiled egg is no mean feat. Give up on your traditional pot and water recipe and embrace the power of an egg boiler machine to boil eggs to perfection in no time. The market is filled with a multitude of egg boiler options but choosing the right one can be tricky. Here is a list of features to help you hand pick the best egg boiler for your culinary needs. 



Consider the extent of your boiling needs when choosing an egg boiler. Egg boilers are available in a range of capacities or the number of eggs that can be cooked at once. Choose a boiler with a single layer if you only have to cook for a handful of individuals or go for one that consists of two parallel layers to boil multiple eggs simultaneously as in the case of a large family. 


Cooking Settings

The best egg boilers are equipped with an automatic function so that they turn off on their own once the eggs have been boiled as per your preference. What's more, the customizable features allow you to cook eggs with the desired consistency  -runny or hard by adjusting the cooking time and temperature so that you can relish perfectly boiled eggs each time. 


Cleaning and Maintenance 

Opt for an egg boiler with a non-stick material so that eggs don't stick and you can easily remove eggs once they are done. A non-stick boiler can take up much scrubbing so an egg boiler with removable parts comes in handy. An egg boiler that is easy to clean and low on maintenance is a true catch. 


Ease of use 

Prioritize an  egg boiler that  is geared for ease  of use to cope up with the hectic morning routines. An egg boiler that is portable works best especially  if you intend to move it around or carry it along during travel. Besides, consider an  egg boiler  that is intuitive  including user-friendly features such as one-touch operation and audible alerts  to notify  when your eggs are  ready.


Easy to store 

Consider your kitchen  space to determine the size of the egg boiler that will be suitable. They are available in various sizes so preferably choose a compact model that won't take up much space on the kitchen counter and can easily be stored in the kitchen cabinet. 



Seek out a multi purpose egg boiler that can go beyond boiling to execute various cooking tasks. Go for a versatile machine that comes with additional features such as poaching eggs or steaming vegetables to make optimum use of the egg boiler. 


Why choose West point egg boilers 

Power consumption 

West point egg boilers come with a power capacity of 350 Watts which means they consume less energy and are thus beneficial for your electricity bills. 



 West point egg boilers can produce perfectly boiled eggs in minutes due to the steam function unlike the typical cooking time of 10 minutes. What's more, you can cook up to 7 eggs at a time which saves you sufficient time.


Does Not Over Overcook 

With West point’s you can cook eggs just the way you like them- soft, hard or medium boiled. Its automatic feature means that you don't have to check on your eggs often while ensuring that your eggs don't get over-cooked. The automatic shutdown feature works to deliver perfectly boiled eggs that are neither  under- cooked nor prone to crack or break. Now you can create perfectly boiled eggs for your favorite recipes such as egg curries, sandwiches 


Final Words

As the leading household and kitchen appliances brand in Pakistan, West point offers high-quality egg boilers at market competitive rates. West point egg boilers are an excellent option for those who crave a hassle-free and cooking  experience. The cutting edge and user-friendly features of West point’s boilers guarantee a fool-proof way to prepare perfectly boiled eggs as per your requirements. Keep in mind the above features while buying an egg boiler machine  and you will be set to crack the code to perfect eggs.