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Avoid these common mistakes & use Blender & Grinder like a pro!

We all have been guilty of owning several kitchen appliances yet not knowing how to use them to their full potential. Now, if you’re looking to invest in a shiny new blender & grinder so that you can enjoy juices, squashes & chutneys during summer? Or your existing machine is old, and you want the latest & better version. Whatever your situation may be, we want you to work your blender & grinder like a true pro! To do that, you have to avoid these common yet crucial mistakes.

1Do not invest in wimpy machines!

Yes, machines that get cracked or broken on a mere fall from the hand are not worth your time/investment. You require sturdy, durable & long-lasting blender grinders that serve you for years. Westpoint’s Blender & Grinders come with a stainless-steel body; which makes them sturdier & durable.

Machines that heat slow your work pace in the kitchen. And become a nightmare when you’re preparing for a feast at your place. Westpoint’s blenders & grinders have an energy-efficient pure copper coil inside the motor. It prevents machines from heating up and; thus, you have a reliable and steady partner at your kitchen side that won’t let you down.

2- Choose a machine that goes the extra mile, for you!


We all go the extra mile; for our loved ones. Now it’s time to choose a blender & grinder that does that for us 😉. Blenders are not for making juices, smoothies & chutneys. The correct machines will do more for you. Westpoint’s blender & grinder comes with a 1000-watt powerful motor for the ultimate blending experience. Now, what makes it unique; is its ice-crushing abilities. It means that you can not only have home-made & hygienic Gola ganda whenever you want. But try all the slushy summer drinks now at your home.

I am drooling 🤤, are you?

3-Follow the correct order!

The order in which you put ingredients in the blender jar; also needs to be noted. Liquids should go first, followed by powdered ingredients and then solids. The logic behind this is simple. Liquid items at the base allow easy movement for the blades. Powdered ingredients poured after mix well rather than sticking to the bottom of the jar. Solid items/frozen foods being the heaviest of the lot helps to press things down.

4- Allow your blender & grinder some breathing space!

How many times have you seen your machine vibrate like a drum at a concert? If the answer is many times, then this advice will work wonders for you.

Like humans & relationships thrive when given breathing space; machines need that from us to do their job optimally. Don’t fill your blender jar or grinder cup to the brim.

The ideal way is to divide your food items to be blended or ground into 2-3 portions. You might need to do more rounds of blending or grinding but, the result will be better.

5- Use blenders & grinders for your DIY tasks!

We believe that lockdown & work from home due to corona has brought out the inner DIY Master in probably all of us. Whether it is trying out new recipes or new skincare regimens, we all have experimented.

Did you know that you can use your blender & grinders for inedible items too? Don’t wait at the pansaari to get that aloe juice or rose petal powder. Whip it up in your blender & grinder and pamper yourself without any hassle.

If you are a gardening lover, we have some tips for you too. Don’t let those leftover peels and vegetable heads go to waste. Blend them into home-made organic fertilizers for your potted plants.


6-Slow & Steady wins the race!

This saying holds not only for life situations but also when you’re using the blender & grinder. Embrace the power of the pulse. Starting slowly and moving gradually; is the key to a well-blended mixture and a finely grounded powder.

Besides this, every food item needs a different type of speed & power for blending/grinding. For example, a stick of cinnamon needs more power than cardamom. Westpoint’s blender & grinder come with an array of speed options, making them ideal for different types of food items.

You can easily avoid over blending & over-grinding with our kitchen appliances.

7-Clean it like you mean it!

Nothing inspires cleanliness like an unexpected guest!

But don’t wait for guests to arrive before you think about washing your blenders & grinders. Clean them right away. You don’t need elaborate cleaning chemicals or tools. Wash using some water & liquid dishwash. To remove any residual smell, you can use a solution of water & vinegar.

Westpoint’s blender & grinder are smell-free. It means you do not have to worry about any residual smells. The reason is the high-quality glass jar/cup of the machine. Residual smells are a common problem in plastic jars & cups. If you want to learn how to clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly, we have a detailed blog on it.

8- Some like it hot, but your blender does not!

Hot scalding liquids are a complete no-no for blenders. When you blend hot liquids, they create a lot of steam. This steam increases the pressure on the lid and can cause it to blow off during blending. It can result in serious injuries & burns.

Therefore, please make sure that whatever you put in the blender needs to be at room temperature. If you’re short on time, at least allow some of the heat to escape by keeping the lid open for some time; before you begin to blend.

9-Water is your blender’s best friend!

We all know how water is the driving force behind all living things. But did you know that water is also your blender’s friend in need? A little bit of water not only brings the blended components together. But it also serves to lubricate the blades and make blending easier. Lubrication helps reduce friction which in turn prevents the machine from overheating.

10-Unplug & then chill

A common yet deadly mistake is forgetting to unplug the machine after using it. Always unplug your blender & grinder as soon as you press the stop button. Then you can proceed to emptying the contents of the jar/cup and cleaning the machine.

11- Don’t let the lid blow off!

In the case of blenders, you do not want the lid to blow off midway during blending. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, always check if the lid is secured tightly; before you begin. Checking that all the attachments are secure is crucial in preventing unwanted accidents & injuries.

We would now like to conclude by saying that if you keep a check on these common mistakes, you will not only prevent accidents & machine damage. But you will be able to use your blenders & grinders to their fullest potential like a pro! Let us know your thoughts on this.