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Are Food Processors really worth the investment?

If you’re an appliance junkie, then the sight of any new and shiny piece of kitchen appliance should push you towards reaching your/husband’s wallet 😉 faster than you snatch the remote-control during primetime. But as they say, Haste makes waste! You should think things through and weigh your decision logically before you invest in expensive kitchen appliances. We are here to help guide you through the process. Our question for the day is if you should invest in food processor or not?

Before we dwell any further, let us first understand the functions of a food processor. It is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance, sometimes referred to as the All-in-one Kitchen Assistant.

Functions of a Food processor

A food processor is a combination of all the smaller kitchen appliances you would see in every household. In fact, in some cases, it can do so much more if used expertly. But first, let’s discuss some of the jobs that a food processor can do.

  • Blend
  • Puree
  • Grate
  • Chop
  • Slice
  • Whisk
  • Churn
  • Knead
  • Mince
  • Shred
  • Dice

That’s quite a long list of tasks if you ask us. It proves our point that food processors are multi-functional; when compared to other smaller kitchen appliances.

Who should use Food Processors?

We all love things made, specifically to solve our problems and help improve our lives. The same principle applies when opting for kitchen appliances. You need to understand the kind of people who will benefit from buying this appliance, and if you happen to fall in any of those particular categories, you can safely invest in a food processor.

1-People who like to host big feasts at their house often

Unless you have a gazillion, servants waiting for your every command, a lot of prepping is needed when you host parties and feasts at your home. Thus, opting for a kitchen appliance that makes your work swifter is the best choice.

2-People who like to pre-prep meals on weekends

Weekdays are crazy for families where both partners are working full-time. Managing work, house chores, children’s school and extra-curricular activities is tedious. Therefore, if you belong to this group, you must be either planning or prepping your meals before-hand.

Meal prep & everyday tasks are made quicker and easier with the help of a food processor.

3-People who have budget constraints and space limitations

Yes, instead of investing in several kitchen appliances, you should opt for one home appliance that does a multitude of tasks for you. Similarly, storing individual kitchen appliances along with their boxes and manuals is a real hassle. Why not make space on the counter for one machine that does it all for you?

4- People who live in joint families

. If you intend to become the favorite daughter-in-law of the household, then you need to cook delicious food.


And cooking for a bunch of people is no easy task. You need an All-in-One kitchen assistant to help you seal the deal!

4-Foodies who love to experiment; and tap into their creative side; while cooking.

A food processor will aid you in your passion for trying new flavors and cuisines.

Now, if you happen to belong to any of the groups mentioned above, then investing in a food processor will be worth it.

Features to look out for in a Food Processor:

Well, your head might start to get dizzy if you go out unarmed and unprepared to your nearby electronics market.

Don’t worry! We plan to help you out in this regard too. First, conduct a brief research before venturing on your quest for the ideal food processor.

The following points can serve as a base for your research.


This perhaps the foremost factor that we should explore when we wish to invest in an expensive home appliance. Brands like Westpoint Pakistan offer a range of food processors starting from as low as 9000 and going all way up to Rs. 20,000. It means that no matter if you’re working with a small budget, you can still get your hands on this multi-purpose appliance.


Brand warranties are a crucial aspect that you should check out before making any purchase. Lengthy brand warranties may seem attractive but the process to claim, repair and exchange are so troublesome; that customers often give up. Westpoint Pakistan has understood this gap in customer service and therefore has set up many after-sales service centers. These customer care units make the process of claiming, repairing, and exchanging faulty products seamlessly and hassle-free for the customers.


You already know that a food processor is a multi-unit machine. It means that no matter which model you choose will have more or less the same set of equipment/parts. What makes each model unique is the set of extra accessories and attributes such as durability and safety. Westpoint’s food processors come with powerful motors, all having energy-efficient copper coil inside them. These ensure that the machine doesn’t overheat and continues to function optimally even with prolonged usage.


We tend to think that food processors will be bulky, heavy machines that will take up a lot of counter space in our kitchens. But you will be surprised to see that even multi-purpose appliances, like food processors, are available in compact sizes and are pretty light-weight too. Therefore, allowing you to choose as per your need.

We hope that we were able to help you with your decision about if you should invest in a food processor. Let us know of your experience buying this all-in-one kitchen appliance.