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A Complete Guide on how to clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly & improve their performance

Eid-ul-Azha is just around the corner. Like every Pakistani household, you must be preparing for it. Be it getting your knives sharpened or cleaning your refrigerator for meat stocking, cleaning the house, or prepping space for the animals brought in for Qurbani. But one thing that we tend to forget is to clean our kitchen appliances thoroughly. They help us the most in food prepping & cooking. Yet, we are not very keen on cleaning them up nicely. Yes, we all wash them up after we have used them. But what about the food & debris that hides in the grooves & rings of appliances. What about the stains on the stainless steel body. We don’t focus on them. Well! Today we will guide you on how to clean your kitchen appliances thoroughly & quickly.

There are a couple of reasons we are emphasizing doing this daunting task.

1- Hygiene, which is perhaps one of the most important reasons. As hidden food & debris in the grooves & rings of appliances tends to form gunk over time. These places harbor bacteria & germs that can easily contaminate your food while you use the kitchen appliance.

2- Cleaning the kitchen appliances will ensure that they function optimally for years.

3- Nothing makes a kitchen sparkle & shine like squeaky clean kitchen appliances.

Therefore, get ready & buckle up for this journey to tackle the cleaning of your essential kitchen appliances.

How to Clean the Microwave?

We use the microwave daily, and in some households, more often than the stove. Yet, we do not clean it as often as we should. Is the sight of your greasy & grimey microwave making your head spin? Take a deep breath & relax. Because cleaning this mess will be a piece of cake if you follow our instructions.

Use a microwave-safe bowl, make a mixture of water & white vinegar (1 cup each).

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat for few minutes. The rule of the thumb is to check when the interior of the microwave starts to steam up.

Take out the bowl and allow the interior to cool down just enough so that you can touch it without burning yourself. Now use a clean cloth and wipe down all the interior walls.

Rinse off the cleaning cloth and continue wiping till the inside is squeaky clean.

For the exterior surface, we recommend using a mixture of water & any liquid dishwash. Soak a cleaning cloth into this mixture and wipe down the door, handle & dials. Finish off by drying with a clean microfiber cloth.

How to Clean Blenders, Choppers & Food Processors?

The first step in cleaning these kitchen appliances is to dismantle them and remove all the parts. You must be washing the blades & jars after every use. But this time, you need to clean everything more thoroughly.

1- Plastic bowls & jars of choppers & processors tend to become cloudy over time. Soak them in a mixture of warm water & salt. You can also use a paste of baking soda & lemon juice & scrub with a toothbrush to make them shine.

2- If you have stainless steel appliances, you must be used to the sight of fingerprints, smudges & water spots on their surface. They are unpleasant & stuck out like a sore thumb. But you can clean them using household items. Use a mixture of baking soda & lemon juice. Dip a clean towel in this mixture & wipe down smudges, blemishes & water spots without any hassle. Finish off using a few drops of lemon oil on a microfiber cloth to add shine.

3- Clean the blades & the grooves beneath them; using an old toothbrush. It will help remove any food deposit that is stuck.

4- Now clean the rings & grooves of the machine, where you fix the jars & bowls of choppers & blenders. You can use an old toothbrush to reach these crevices & remove foods & debris stuck in them. If you’re having difficulty removing it, we suggest using a bit of WD-40 on the brush and then scrubbing it. Don’t forget to wipe down the surface to remove any excess WD-40, as it can contaminate food.

5-Last but not least, dry off the parts before assembling & packing the kitchen appliance.

How to Clean Oven Toaster & Toasters?

Cleaning the toaster is easy. Turn it upside down & throw away any crumbs or food items that may have accumulated at the bottom. You can use a brush to dust off the crumbs from the grills lining the toaster walls. For the exterior, use a wet microfiber cloth and then a dry one to finish off.

Oven Toasters require a bit more work & effort to clean. You can follow the steps given below & clean your oven toaster without any hassle.

1- Unplug the machine and empty the crumb tray.

2- To clean the oven toaster racks, fill your sink with some water & dishwashing liquid. Make a foamy solution & soak the oven racks in it for some time. You can use a brush to scrub off stuck food items. Then rinse the racks with clean water & allow them to air dry.

3- To clean the inside of the oven toaster, you can again use a diluted mixture of dishwashing liquid on a microfiber cloth. Wipe the interior walls till they are squeaky clean. Don’t forget to dry them off with a clean, dry cloth.

4- You can clean the exterior in the same manner. Pay special attention to the knobs & dials as they tend to be the dirtiest parts of the oven toaster.

Voila! Your oven toaster is sparkly & shiny within few minutes.

How to Clean the Air Fryer?

The air fryer is simple to clean; because you don’t use a lot of oil, there is minimal grease residue left behind. Therefore, you can clean the exterior using a damp cloth & then drying it off with a clean one. To thoroughly clean the basket & tray, separate them & soak them in a solution of warm water & dishwashing liquid. If food particles are stuck, an old brush might help scrub them away. Rinse them with clean water & allow them to air dry completely.

You can wipe the interior of the air fryer using a wet cloth. Tiny food particles & droplets tend to stray and stick to the insides. It is, therefore, essential to clean the interior too. Use a clean, dry cloth to finish off.

We have explained cleaning methods for all the essential kitchen appliances used most often in your kitchens. If you would like to share your cleaning tips & tricks with us, feel free to message us on our @Westpoint.pakistan and