We can guarantee one thing that you won’t be putting your food processor back in its box after reading this article:

1-Why have abs, when you can have kebabs?

No offense to people who have six-packs. But who can deny a kebab? We Pakistanis love our kebabs. From Chapli Kebab to Galouti; from Seekh to Bihari; we have experimented and made versions as per our taste and liking. But did you know that the food processor can help you make the kebab batter in just under half an hour?

Yes, pop in the ingredients and mince it away. A uniform and smooth mince batter are at your disposal to make flat or oblong-shaped kebabs.

PS: Westpoint’s Robomax food processor comes with a powerful motor which makes mincing easier & swifter.

2-I love to see bread crumbs but not bed crumbs!

Well, moms don’t like crumbs when they find them in unwanted places like beds or sofa. But you give her a jar full of freshly made bread crumbs and, she will be over the moon.

Ramzan is just around the corner, and prepping food items is one of the top priorities of the lady of the house. This trick is going to be super helpful. Collect all the dried and stale bread slices and then turn them into crumbs with our mighty food processor. Yes, you get homemade and fresh bread crumbs without spending any money. Now make those bread rolls, croquet, or chicken Ala Kiev (if you’re feeling extra special)

3-Flourish with homemade flours

Organic and gluten-free are not just buzz words that we keep on hearing. They are food choices made by people. Are you suffering from gluten allergies? Do you wish to lose weight but are bound by a budget? Then, we have just the right solution for you.

You can make nut-based & multi-grain flours at home using your food processor. Yes, you heard that right! Almond flour, oats flour, millet flour, etc. Grind the nut and grain of your choice with Westpoint’s Food Processors and enjoy homemade, gluten-free flour.

4-Use Fruity Slushes to ward off the Hot Sun!

Summer has just begun, and we all have to start to feel the heat. And the temperature will continue to rise. But we have a trick to beat the hot summer days. Make fruit slushes using our food processor. Freeze your favorite fruit in the freezer overnight. Don’t forget to dice it up before you freeze it. Now pop in the frozen fruit along with some water in Westpoint’s food processor. Voila! Your fruity slush is ready to be devoured. Enjoy with some fresh chunks of the fruits added on top for added flavor & texture.

Kids are not fans of fruits, but we can bet that they won’t be able to refuse a refreshing glass of this icy, fruity slush. This drink not only hydrates you but is a unique way to enjoy the summer fruits.

5-Anything tastes better with lots of mayo
even spoons 😛

Mayonnaise is a delicious and versatile sauce. It serves as a base for many other sauces. If your kids love mayo as much as we do, then you need to make mayonnaise at home using your food processor.

You will be surprised to see how few ingredients are needed to make a delicious bowl of mayonnaise. Eggs, oil, lemon juice, and mustard; blend them using a food processor. Most importantly, it will be free from all the emulsifiers and preservatives; that you find in store-bought mayonnaise.

6-Make better butter

Who doesn’t love to slather butter on the toast every morning?

If you do but are worried about the calorie intake and want a healthier option, we have just the right thing for you. You can now make healthier & better butter right at home using your food processor.

You might be wondering what you can use to make better butter. The answer is simple. You can use the nuts of your choice to churn out the most delicious, creamy yet nutty butter. Roast your nuts, and then plop them into the food processor. Keep churning till the nuts become powdery and start to release their oils. You will begin to see a smooth paste. Voila! Your tasty and better version of homemade butter is ready.

Westpoint’s Food processors come with high-speed motors and overheat protection. It means that you can run the processor for a few minutes straight without having to worry about the machine heating up.

7-Shred or slice, potato looks nice!

Nobody can say that they hate potatoes. It is probably the only vegetable that is loved BY ALL!

But there is one thing that we can all agree on, shredding them or slicing them hasn’t always been a joy ride. A few nicks & cuts are bound to happen. But what if we said; that you can thinly slice and shred potatoes without any pain.

Would you believe us?

Well, you can do this and lots more with your mighty food processor. Shred those potatoes, using the processor; and make some shakshuka for breakfast. Slice those potatoes and air fry them. Homemade crisps are ready to eat!

Concludingly, we hope you can apply at least one of these tricks and have fun in the kitchen with your food processor. If you’re still experimenting with using the food processor and want to learn the right way to use it for everyday tasks, check out our blog for some help. Don’t forget to share your experience of by commenting below.