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5 Ways Your Microwave Can Save You Time and Money in the Kitchen

A microwave can be said to be the most underappreciated and underrated appliance in modern kitchens. For most of us, it is merely a reheating appliance or good for popping popcorn. In reality, it is a highly utilitarian appliance that will blow you away with its remarkable performance and efficiency. Get ready to be surprised with the 5 ways that a microwave oven can bring you closer to fast and cost-effective cooking. 


Quick, Healthy, and Economical Cooking

Preparing meals can make you spend hours in the kitchen while resorting to takeouts or processed foods can consume a large portion of your budget. A microwave is a great way to cook healthy and delicious meals quickly;y and on a budget. Go beyond typical cooking and embrace the possibility of trying out exotic dishes to enjoy fine cooking like never before. Not only that, you can easily steam vegetables instead of cooking them in a pan for a nutrition-packed meal. 


Energy Efficiency 

Unlike conventional ovens, microwaves are known for their built-in efficiency due to high power ratings. Your food is cooked faster using less electricity which helps you save much on your energy bills. Moreover, microwaves mean that you no longer have to spend on air-conditioning for your kitchen as they emit far less heat than stovetops and ovens. This is further good for keeping your energy bills well under control. 


Minimize Food Waste and Revitalize Leftovers

It is quite common for leftovers to get tossed away in the fridge and eventually dumped for reheating hardly works to restore the original flavor. With a microwave, all you need is a splash of water to keep it moist and delicious like before. You can use a little creativity to turn leftovers into new appetizing dishes so you don’t have to buy ingredients as frequently. Leftover rice can serve as an instant fried rice recipe while leftover vegetables can be mixed with a broth, some spices along with your favorite toppings to create a hearty soup.


Organized Meal Prep

Prepping up for meals in advance is a good way to save your time and money and a microwave can be quite handy. One strategy is to create batches of individual components like grains, vegetables, or proteins and then store them away in the fridge to create combinations for an entire week. Also, you can indulge in bulk buying without having to worry about it getting rancid as a microwave is a pro at defrosting food to turn it as fresh as ever. 


Affordable DIY Foods

Convenience foods are the way to go just when we are short of time and bothered by pangs of hunger. However, buying them straight from the store or a restaurant can be quite a strain on your budget. A microwave is a convenient way to create your very own convenience foods at home from popcorn to potato chips to mug cakes. This not only costs but is a much healthier option compared to their store counterparts. Also, you can cut down on money spent on pre-packaged frozen food and instead prepare and freeze microwavable, ready-to-use meals. 


Final Thoughts

The microwave as a reheating device is a myth as it holds tremendous untapped potential for those who care enough. It is a truly versatile appliance that can be your ultimate kitchen companion in a plethora of cooking tasks that save both your precious time and money. With a microwave by your side, you can whip up your favorite meals with minimum hassle and energy use. Invest in a premium quality microwave oven by West Point at an affordable price and experience advanced cooking that fits both your lifestyle and budget.