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5 Important Features to Look in a Sandwich Toaster

There is hardly someone who is not tempted by the sight and aroma of a freshly prepared sandwich. However, preparing it the right way is no mean feat , taking up much time and effort in the wee hours of morning. A sandwich maker, also known as a sandwich machine, can be your kitchen companion in toasting bread the way you like it with little effort on your part.  A toaster is  a sureshot way to toast bread to perfection. A wide variety of designs and models are available in the market which makes it all the more tricky and exhausting to find the consummate one that fully satisfies your craving for a delectable toast.  For sandwich lovers, here are the top five factors  to consider when purchasing a sandwich machine to ensure that you make the right choice. 


 Cooking Surface 

Convenience is not something to be compromised when shopping for a sandwich maker.If you desire a hassle-free toasting experience with perfect results, then a non-ceramic , non-stick surface is your best bet as it disperses heat evenly to produce a perfect brown color on both sides.  Pieces of Breads or remnants of fillings are also less likely to stick to a non-stick surface, making it well-suited for cleaning. FInally, with non-stick plates, only a small amount of butter or oil suffices which makes it attractive for health-conscious individuals. 


Adjustable Settings 

WIth adjustable settings, you can control the level of heat to determine the degree of crispness in your bread. Whatever your preference in bread,  adjustable heat settings allow you to ace your bread each time. Go for low settings if you like a delicate brown color and a  higher setting for thicker breads and a crispy texture while a medium setting works fine for everyday toasting. The light indicator turns green signaling that the sandwich is ready to be relished so that you don’t end up with burnt or undercooked sandwiches. 


The Number of Slices and Size

The one-size fits all approach doesn’t work with a sandwich maker. Consider your family size when exploring sandwich makers of different designs and sizes to choose one that is the best fit for your household.  For medium-sized families, a 4-slice maker is appropriate so that you can toast multiple sandwiches at a time. Otherwise, for individuals or a couple, the standard 2 slice would be ideal. Keep in mind that the larger sizes are a bit expensive but would complement your toasting needs. 


Thermal insulation 

For an electrical appliance that is to be used daily, safety ought to be a foremost priority especially if you have kids around you. A sandwich maker low on safety such as those with plastic handles are a big no as they are difficult to carry and prone to damage as the plastic heats up. Seek out innovative models where the entire body is thermally insulated and thus resistant to heat. This makes them easily portable and offers fool-proof protection against any untoward accident, burns or shock in order to make the most of your sandwich machine.


Power Rating 

Give due consideration to the power rating of a sandwich toaster as this is what ultimately determines its performance. The higher the power rating, the more efficient the toaster is and the faster it works. Go for a high-capacity sandwich maker that utilizes somewhere between 600 to 800 watts of power so that it heats up within seconds for quick results. This would spare you the frustration of waiting for minutes to get the bread toasted along with keeping your energy consumption to a minimum.


By keeping the above features in mind, you will be better able to differentiate between a mediocre and a quality sandwich toaster that will live up to your expectations. As one of the trusted brands in Pakistan, Westpoint is committed to high-quality standards in all our appliances that offer the full value for your money. At West Point, we offer a wide collection of sandwich toasters that combine a sleek exterior and superior performance at affordable prices. Visit our website and place an order for a toaster that best fits your requirements and cooking preference and we will deliver it right to your doorstep. The journey to becoming a pro at making perfectly toasted sandwiches begins with a Westpoint sandwich toaster on your kitchen top.